Why You Should Swim With Your Kids


When the sun is shinning and the air is warm, one of the things that kids always want to do is jump into a nice cool pool. If your children love swimming and are going to be spending a lot of time in pools this summer, consider jumping in with them. After all, you can find these 5 benefits simply by hanging out with your children in your local pool:

Bonding Time
Swimming with your children is primarily about bonding and spending time with your children. The simple act of splashing around in the pool, playing games, and talking and laughing together, even if it’s only for an hour or two whenever possible, shows your children that you care for and love them. Use swimming time to create some fantastic memories with your children.

Swimming is one of the best and underrated forms of exercise as it provides both a cardio and muscular workout. Swimming with your child for a short period of time can be almost equivalent to one or two hours at the gym because swimming is a full and complete, effective workout. Your in-pool workout with your children can also be made fun by setting up a pool volleyball net, creating and playing pool games, or teaching your children new swim skills. Beats treadmills and dumbbells any day!

Swimming with your children ensures that they are constantly supervised and safe. Even if your children know how to swim, it is still important to have them supervised as drowning is one of the leading causes of preventable death in children. You don’t need to worry about this while in the pool with your children because you’ll be acting as their personal lifeguard.

When children swim with their parents, they feel safer and more comfortable in the water. This is great for helping them to build confidence in the water because they are with a person they trust. Swimming lessons in the future tend to progress far more quickly if children have a comfortable relationship with water.

Let’s face it: above everything else, spending time in the pool with your family is a fun thing to do. Summer isn’t over quite yet so put on your swimsuit and head over to your favourite pool with your children. Whether you’re swimming at home, at a public pool, or with us during our weekly free-swimming times, enjoy your pool time with your family.

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