Why the Fall and Winter Seasons are Perfect for Developing Swim Skills

Why the Fall and Winter Seasons Are Perfect for Developing Swim Skills

With the summer winding down, the chances of your child being invited to a pool party, going swimming in a lake or visiting a water park may be less likely; however, this doesn’t mean that they should stop swimming. Although most do not desire to go swimming outdoors in cold weather, indoor facilities enable swimmers to continue the activity in comfort throughout the winter. So, as school begins, here are three reasons why your child should continue swimming!

Provides an Outlet for Physical Activity

Surely, we can all agree kids have tons of energy and having a constructive outlet to release that energy can translate into better focus in the classroom and reduce the chances of experiencing destructive or unwanted behavior.

Temperatures Drop Making Indoor Activity More Popular

As temperatures begin to get colder, many activities such as soccer will end only to resume in the spring. At B&C Aquatics, our indoor facilities enable us to teach swimming and provide a space for recreational swimmers all year-round.

Teaches Lifesaving Physical Activity

There are numerous outlets that offer your child physical activity; however, not many equip kids with skills that could save their life. Enrolling your kids in swimming lessons throughout the fall and winter means that come spring they will have the skills to be safe at a friend’s pool party or local lake. Many of us enjoy and look forward to swimming recreationally in the summer. Not only do indoor pools allow you to continue this hobby throughout the colder months, but continuing to swim throughout the cold months helps your child to continue developing their swimming skills.

Swimming is an awesome activity for people of all ages and comes with both physical and mental benefits. Here at B & C Aquatics, we are thrilled to be able to provide you with the opportunity to swim all year around in our two separate locations in Pickering and Scarborough.