Why Group Swimming Lessons Are a Great Options for Your Child

Why Group Swimming Lessons Are a Great Option for Your Child

Group Swimming lessons are often seen as a lesser option to their alternative, private lessons; however, there are a number of benefits that group swimming classes offer that private lesson just don’t. Here are three unique ways that group swimming lessons can help your child in the pool that private swim lessons can’t.

Break Time

The great thing about group lessons is that the focus isn’t always on a specific child. This gives children who are struggling to master specific concepts or working to overcome a fear of the water,  bit of a break between instruction periods.

Although the undivided attention your child receives in private lessons may sound like a good idea, it can also equate to more pressure for them, which causes stress and frustration.

Ability to Learn from Other Kids

It’s important to remember that children are observers and learn from seeing others perform activities and movements, prior to them doing it. Seeing a physical example increases a child’s ability to learn, opposed to just receiving an explanation of what’s required.

FUN in the Pool

Incorporating fun games into the learning proess encourages kids to apply what they’re being taught, as well as engage with others in the group swim class. This concept makes swim class more enjoyable for students, promotes interaction in the group and can increase the rate at which students learn the concepts.

At B&C Aquatics, our group swim classes have a maximum of four kids with one teacher. This enables kids to reap all the benefits of that group classes offer, while still having the ability to receive one-on-one attention from the teacher.