Why Group Swim Lessons Work Better Than Private Lessons


When parents look to put their child in swim lessons, one of the most frequently asked questions is always, “should I invest in private lessons, or put my child in group lessons?”. Although it may seem like private lessons may be a great way to start your child off in swim lessons, it actually may be counterproductive to their swim education. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider group swim lessons instead.

Learning from Classmates

It can be difficult learning a new skill. In fact, learning how to swim takes a great amount of bravery from young children who may be afraid to enter into the very different environment of the pool. When your child is in group swimming lessons, they will be able to watch other children succeed in the same skill that they are trying to learn, which will help motivate them to also succeed.

Save Money

Group lessons, even from an elite swimming school such as B & C Aquatics, are far less expensive than private lessons. You get the same quality instructors at a far lower price, which makes swimming lessons far more accessible for you and your child.


Humans are social creatures and although it may be awkward at first, we love being around others, especially in a fun environment like a pool! Children are the same. Putting your child in group swim lessons gives them the chance to make friends and connect with others, which is extremely important to their social development.

Less Pressure

Private lessons put all of the focus on your child as the instructor has no other reason to look away to help another student. Although this may sound like a benefit, it can actually be harmful to your child’s swim education if they do not respond well to high-pressure situations. If your child cannot grasp a technique fast enough in private swim lessons, they may feel like a failure or a disappointment, which can be very hard to snap out of whereas in group swim lessons, your child will always have time to prepare themselves, watch others, and continue to try their best in a supportive atmosphere.

There are so many benefits to group swim lessons, but these are just the top 4. If you are looking to book group swim lessons for your child, contact us at B & C Aquatics at 905-420-4141.