Who Should Teach Your Kids How to Swim?

Swim Instructor

Water safety is a life-saving skill that your child should acquire young. But who’s best fit to teach it?

Many parents prefer overseeing their children’s progress in the pool. Their fond memories of learning to swim strengthens their want to impart that same joy. Whether this is in the backyard or by the cottage lake, it is a fun activity for the whole family.

Showing emotional involvement in your child’s first swimming experience is positive. It can boost his or her confidence and dedication. However, a swimming instructor is more adept at refining your kid’s skills and reinforcing the principles of water safety.

Specifically, there are three areas in which professionals excel:

  • Technique—swimming instructors receive certifications on the various strokes and breathing techniques. Apart from demonstrating their own swimming proficiency, instructors must past teaching programs, making them fit to interact with and encourage children of all ages.
  • Teaching style—through formal training and group sessions, instructors know how to handle various learning styles. Regardless in what environment your child thrives, a professional can tailor the program to his or her needs.
  • Skill progression—professionals know when to introduce new skills and at what point it is appropriate to advance them. You might not recognize when your child is truly ready to move forward.

When Your Kid Finds the Water Scary

If your child is afraid of swimming, then swimming lessons might help him or her cope. Although you possess more trust, that paternal/maternal relationship is not necessarily the greatest tool for overcoming fear.

A professional can identify fear triggers and bolster the skills that will help your kid swim confidently. Moreover, group lessons reduce water anxiety when your child observes his or her peers jumping into the water and having fun.