Which Strokes To Use When Working Out

swimming-strokes 2

If you’re a swimmer, you know all about the different types of swimming strokes. The breaststroke, sidestroke, and even the doggy paddle are some great ways for getting you around in the water. But did you know that each stroke is beneficial for working out different parts of your body? Here are the different strokes that you should focus on when working out:


The breaststroke is one of those classic strokes that pretty much all swimmers know how to do. It involves moving your arms in a synchronous motion sideways from your body. It’s a very easy stroke to perform, and is great for cardiovascular workouts, as well as shoulder, chest, and lateral muscle workouts.


Although this swim stroke is technically called the freestyle, it is more commonly known as the front crawl. The name tells you exactly how you perform this stroke: you move your arms as if you were crawling and kick your feet in order to propel yourself forward. This stroke is great to work out your chest, lats, and back muscles.


Here’s another stroke that is obvious even to non-swimmers: backstrokes are performed on your back, using your feet to kick and arms to stroke in backward motions. It is a fairly slow type of stroke, but it is very effective in working out your back and hamstrings. If you’re looking for a good way to cool down after a workout, this stroke is your best bet!

Butterfly Stroke

The butterfly stroke is one that takes a while to master. When performing the backstroke, you have to move your entire body very quickly, which is often tough for beginners. Perfecting this stroke is a good idea though because it is super effective in burning fat, boosting metabolism, and working out your chest, back, core, and shoulders.

You can get a great workout in while doing something fun! Try swimming as your next workout and never go back to a boring old gym routine ever again!

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