When Should I Sign My Child Up For Swimming Lessons?

Child Swimming Image

It happens to almost every single parent: eventually the time comes around when you ask yourself, “Is it time to sign up my child for swim lessons?” It may not sound like a difficult question to answer, but it actually is!

Times have changed. Many years ago, recommended swim age was around 4 years old. The logic behind that was that children at that age are able to start school, therefore, they can start swim school, too. While that all makes sense, a couple years later, the argument that babies instinctively know how to swim so you should get them started as early as possible, which is also a logical argument.

The truth is: there is no real answer to this question. When it comes to your child, as a parent, it is up to you to judge whether or not they are emotionally, physically, and developmentally ready to start swim lessons.

There are many benefits to starting your child in swim lessons while they are toddlers, but if you are not comfortable with this idea, your child will not “fall behind” or “not learn properly” if they start instead at 4 or 6 or even 15 years old! When it comes to swimming, it is all about comfort and consistency and as long as you provide your child with the support they need, they can learn how to swim at any age!

B&C Aquatics offers swimming lessons for all ages including toddlers & kids and even adult swimming lessons. We focus on teaching your child not only how to swim but how to be swim safe when engaging with water. Our personalized and comfort-based swim lessons are sure to get your child the best swim lessons to keep them safe at all times.

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