What Parents Should Remember On Their Child’s First Day Of Swimming Lessons


We would like to welcome new swimmers to our pool as the new September/ October swim class season approaches. If you’re new to our pool, or to swimming lessons in general, we understand that you may have some unsettled feelings. Here are the things that, as a parent, you should remind yourself of before the first day of swimming lessons.

Your Child Is Safe
At B&C Aquatics, safety is always our number one priority. We have countless safety measures throughout our facilities and safety practices that we strictly practice every day. These include lifeguards, 2 instructors with every swim class, walking in an orderly fashion on deck, and more. Your child is completely safe and watched over while in our care.

Your Child Is Learning
While your child is in the pool, they receive full attention and education working with either the primary or secondary instructor. Even if your child looks hesitant or fearful from your viewpoint, know that swimming is often seen as a scary experience for children to overcome. Your child is learning slowly to overcome this fear at their own pace with the guidance of their instructors.

Your Child Is Prepared
To ensure that your child gets the best possible experience, prepare them with the supplies that they need the night before. Swimsuits, swim caps, towels, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a change of clothes, and anything else that your child might need should all be pre-packed and ready to go the night before. If you do this, then you know that your child, and yourself, are prepared for everything!

Your Child Is Having Fun
Being in a pool and splashing around is a fun activity. Swimming lessons are also intended to be as fun, only with a bit of beneficial education added to the mix. Our goal at B&C Aquatics is to create an environment in which children feel entirely safe and welcome enough to learn how to swim and have fun doing it. All of the smiling faces in our pools prove that we do this extremely well.

While your child is in the educational care of B&C Aquatics, you have nothing you worry about. To sign your child up for swim lessons, call us today at 905.420.4141 or email us at registration@bandcaquatics.com.