What Makes Swimming So Good For Me?

What makes swimming good for you

Are you trying to find the ideal form of exercise for your child that will also engage them socially? Or maybe you’re a senior looking for a way to exercise your body without putting too much strain on it. Swimming is a great form of exercise for both children and adults—even for those well into their senior years—and here are several reasons why.

Easy on the Muscles and Joints

To commence, one major aspect of swimming is its ability to exercise the human body without applying the strains that gravity can place on your muscles and joints. This makes swimming a perfect exercise for people living with osteoarthritis or for those who find weight-bearing activities uncomfortable.

Comfortable Workout Conditions

Exercising in the water also enables individuals to train in a cooler temperature, which can make for a more comfortable training environment for those who are obese or for those who find other aerobic exercises hot or uncomfortable.

Another advantage to the pool is that the density of water is higher than that of air. This provides greater resistance on the limbs as they engage in movement, providing great training for both the muscles and the cardiovascular system. This makes swimming a particularly ideal exercise for those trying to improve their lung capacity or stamina.

Good for the Mind

On a different note, swimming has also proven to be a great activity for our mental health. Not only is water associated with tranquility and renewal, but it provides us with a break from the chaotic environment of our daily lives and replaces it with a more calming one.

As humans, we are social creatures by nature. Indoor pools like B&C Aquatics give you a two-for-one deal by providing you a great way to stay fit and creating an environment for you to come and exercise with those who have the same interest in swimming.