What It Takes To Be A Swim Instructor


A career in swim instruction is very rewarding. It offers you the chance to learn the highest levels of water safety as well as pass this knowledge to other people. As a swimming school in Pickering & Scarborough, we at B&C Aquatics take swimming instruction very seriously. We know exactly what it takes to be an amazing swim instructor. Here are the 3 qualities that a person must have to be a great swim instructor:

You have to be passionate and dedicated to the activity of swimming to be a swim instructor. After all, f you don’t like what you do, don’t do it! You not only have to be dedicated to swimming itself but also dedicated to passing knowledge down to the students that you teach.

At the heart of teaching is the element of kindness and compassion. Learning a new skill can be difficult and frustrating for students and it is up to their instructor to have the compassion to reassure their students, give them a positive outlook, and motivate them throughout their education.

Some students are fast learners while others are slow. Some students love learning while others have shorter attention spans and like to fool around. When it comes to teaching, the most important quality that a teacher/ instructor can have, therefore, is the virtue of patience. A good swim instructor will come to understand their students and work with them at the pace that they require.

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