What Does it Mean to be Water Safe?


At B&C Aquatics Swim School in Pickering, we take water safety very seriously.
Drowning is the leading cause of preventable death for children under 10 years old
in Canada, so we know that our role in keeping and teaching your child water safety
is important.

To us, the definition of “water safety” is heavy and comes with many different parts.
Here is how we define “water safe” and how we conduct and promote “water safety”
at B&C Aquatics.

Not A Car Check
When a car goes through a series of tests to be checked for safety, each safety
feature/element is crossed off a checklist and that car is deemed to be either safe or
unsafe. “Water safety” is not like this. It is important to remember that “water
safety” is a made up of many actions that a child, or anybody, preforms over their
entire lifetime. A child or a person cannot be labeled as “guaranteed water safe” or
“guaranteed water unsafe” like a car can be labeled safe or unsafe. This is why B&C
Aquatics makes it our highest priority to teach our students the importance and life
saving skills and actions of water safety.

What is “Water Safe” and “Water Safety”?
At B&C Aquatics Pickering Swim Lessons, we believe that water safety comes in 2
parts: safety and skill.

“Water safe” and “water safety” encompasses responsible behavior in and around
the pool and other bodies or water in order to ensure safety for all. To be water safe
and apply and encourage water safety, we teach our students actions and
behaviours such as:
 Strict observance of rule of walking to swim lesson location with hand gliding
the wall. This ensures that children do not fall into the pool.
 Constant supervision of children (2 instructors with each group of 3-4 kids).
 Lifeguards and Deck Supervisors on guard at all times.
 Children must do exactly as their instructor says at all times. This avoids the
child potentially hurting themselves, others, or their instructor.
 Respecting each other’s space and personal time with the instructor.
 And more.

Our nature as a Swim School in Pickering and Swim School in Scarborough
automatically adds to your child’s level of water safety. Our instructors teach our
students how to swim with highly personal and individual lessons that will be useful
to your child. By knowing even the basics of how to operate in water, one is
automatically more water safe.

It All Starts With The Instructors
To ensure water safety and avoid potential threats to any students’ or instructors’
water safety, we at B&C Aquatics dedicate ourselves to diligently training our
instructors. All of our instructors spend over 100 hours of training with Bonnie and
Chris personally. This kind of personal training teaches our instructors our strict
safety guidelines, how to be aware and watchful of children for optimal safety, how
to tell if a child feels water unsafe, and our personalized approach to teaching.

Comfort Levels
Another component in water safety is comfort in the water. At B&C Aquatics, we
believe that children are the most water safe when they feel comfortable preforming
tasks set for their skillset. If a child does not feel comfortable in water, there is a
greater chance of triggering panic in a child that can lead to water danger. This is
why our students’ progress at an individual level once they demonstrate complete
comfort and relaxation at the swim level that they are at. Our instructors are taught
to read the signs of discomfort in a child through their body language, muscle
tensing, and facial expressions in order to keep every child safe and progressing at a
healthy rate. This greatly reduces chances of panic and being unsafe in the water
while also adding greatly in their overall education.

Overall, putting your child in swimming lessons where they can learn all of these
skills is the best way for them to earn the importance of water safety and how to
conduct water safety in their lives. With our 35+ years of experience in swimming
and swimming education, we can teach your children how to stay water safe. To sign
your child up for swim lessons, call us today at 905.420.4141 or email us at
registration@bandcaquatics.com. Also, don’t forget to check out our website.