Tips to Help Your Child Excel in the Classroom

Tips to Help Your Child Excel in the Classroom

At B&C Aquatics we view swim lessons as a form of education. Our swimmers have the opportunity to learn new skills, make friendships and develop the confidence and awareness that comes with learning a new skill. So, with a new school year underway, we thought it would be fitting to suggest effective learning habits for students to implement this school year, enjoy!

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are not opportunities that should be overlooked. They’re an excellent opportunity to hear the teacher’s thought on how your child is performing and receive suggestions on ways they can improve.

Ensure Your Child is Taking Homework Seriously

Proper and regular completion of homework is essential for young kids. Not only does it help them learn the required material to excel in their current level of schooling but it also helps them build successful habits to achieve success throughout life.

As a parent, make a consistent time for homework every evening. It also helps if a child has a designated study area, free of distractions (e.g., television, cell phones), so they can focus on the completion of the task in front of them.

Seek to Understand What Type of Learner Your Child Is

We are all unique people and this means the ways we learn best and process information will be different as well. For some, hands-on learning is great, while others prefer to listen to a speaker on a topic. Also, some people learn the best studying in groups, while others thrive studying on their own.

Talking to your child, as well as their teacher can be a great way to determine the settings they learn best in so you can an recreate that setting at home.