Tips to Get Back in the Pool After Shoulder Surgery

Tips to Get Back in the Pool After Shoulder Surgery

Getting injured is never fun and when it prevents us from doing what we love, the injury can cause frustration and even depression. One of the most common injuries in the swimming world is ‘swimmer’s shoulder’. Poor swimming technique and overuse of the shoulder muscles are what commonly lead to swimmer’s shoulder. If you have undergone shoulder surgery to remedy any shoulder issues you developed from swimming, use the following tips to get back in the pool better than ever!

Practice Self-Care

When recovering from a shoulder injury, it’s important to put yourself in the best position for healing. Ensuring your body is getting both the appropriate nutritional requirements and amount of sleep is crucial to cultivating an optimal healing environment.

Use Dryland Training

If shoulder surgery is preventing you from exercising in the pool, you may be able to help prepare your body for the transition back into the water. With proper training and guidance, there are numerous lower body, core and contralateral exercises that can be done in light of your injured shoulder.

Assess Your Stroke Biomechanics

Ideally you’ll want to develop the best biomechanics early, so as to avoid injury in the first place; however, if injury has already occurred rehabilitation is an opportunity to improve your biomechanics and prevent further injury down the road.

Keep Swimming

As long as you have received clearance from your surgeon, try to get back in the pool. You will have to adjust your style of swim for your injury; however, this can help you to retain a feel of the water. Upon getting back in the pool, try kicking with your arms at your side.

Shoulder surgery doesn’t have to mean the end of your time in the pool, with proper rehabilitation you can resume the sport you love! If you’re looking for a swimming facility to rehab your injured shoulder or even to take swimming lessons, to avoid getting injured in the first place come visit our B&C locations!