Tips for Introducing Your Child to the Water

Tips for Introducing Your Child to the Water

Are you preparing to introduce your youngster to the water? Gaining confidence in the water early on helps prepare your child for swimming lessons. This time together is also a great way to spend quality time with your little one. The following tips will help you and your little one to have a blast in the pool!

Getting Your Child into the Pool for the First Time

When introducing a child to the water, it’s important to see a pool from their perspective. Small children can find a pool quite intimidating. For babies and toddlers, it’s best to carry them as you slowly walk into the pool. This gives them a sense of security and ensures they’re safe. Smaller kids can likely sit on the edge of the pool, with their feet hanging in, as you enter the pool yourself. Once you’re in the water and turned around facing them, they can proceed to slowly enter the pool with you there to guide them.

Determining Duration of Pool Time

It’s best to keep first introductions to the pool relatively short as it allows the kids to leave with a positive impression of the water. 10 minutes is long enough for babies. Pay close attention to your child’s mood. If they’re having tons of fun, consider extending the time, but if they’re beginning to look tired it’s best to call the session.

Incorporating Fun Activities

Helps them get comfortable with their faces getting wet. Pay close attention to how your child interacts with different scenarios in the water. It’s very important to not push them past their comfort-zone but slowly introduce things to them as they’re ready. This will keep them interested in the pool and enjoy this time with you.

Red light, green light is a fun pool game for slightly older children. Have them hold onto the pool wall and when you say green light, they’ll begin to kick like crazy. On yellow light, they should kick slower and red light signals a complete stop.