The Value of Repetition in Swimming Lessons

The Value of Repetition in Swimming Lessons

For all the capable swimmers out there, you may not give much thought to jumping in a pool and swimming. Your body knows exactly what to do and your mind relaxes, as muscle memory allows you to glide effortlessly throughout the water; but, how did you get to that level?

For individuals who aren’t strong swimmers, repetition offers massive value in reinforcing the skills being taught and helping swimmers gain confidence in the water. In this post, we will look at the different ways that repetition benefits beginner swimmers.

Helps to Develop the Skill Correctly

As kids practice the same movements over and over, not only does it become second nature, they learn how to do the skill correctly. With so much time spent on the same movements, swim instructors have the ability to continuously correct the swimmers until their movements are right.

Makes Learning New Skills Less Daunting

As children progress in their swimming lessons, they’ll continue to practice the same skills in different variations. This makes learning new things less daunting as there is familiarity with each task being asked of them.

Becomes Second Nature

The goal with swimming lessons should be that the skills being taught become instinctual. This is important because, if a person falls in the water by accident, they won’t begin to panic but they’ll immediately put to use the skills they’ve developed in swimming lessons.