The Right Swimsuit for Your Child

The Right Swimsuit for Your Child

When enrolling your child in swim lessons, what is the first piece of gear you think of? The swimsuit! As the parent, you want your child to have the greatest chance for success in the water. If your child’s swimsuit impedes his or her swimming ability or feels uncomfortable he or she will be unhappy in the water and won’t be focusing on developing skills. So, what swimsuit is best for your little one?

Boys’ Swimwear

When purchasing swim trunks for a young boy, make sure they won’t be a hassle in the pool. For instance, forgo the swim trunks with pockets as they can fill-up with water, which weighs down the swimmer and compromises movement in the water.

Girls’ Swimwear

One-piece swimsuits tend to be a more functional option for young girls opposed to a two-piece. A tight fitting one-piece does not hinder mobility or performance and tends to stay in place better than two-piece alternatives.

An Extra Layer May Be Necessary

Even in warmer water, some kids still get chilled. To combat the cold, a swim shirt can be a good investment for your child. In terms of fit, the swim shirt should be tight-fitting to minimize drag in the water and ensure mobility is not affected.

Pointers to Keep in Mind

Due to constant growth, your child will likely only get one season out of their swimsuit. Buying a suit for him or her to grow into isn’t recommended. The suit will likely be too big in the beginning and be an annoyance as he or she tries to swim in it.

Rinsing your child’s swimsuit in fresh water post-swim is a good routine to get into to extend its life. Avoid putting your swimsuit in the washing machine. This can damage the integrity of the suit and shorten its lifespan.