Take Your Training to the Next Level with Swim Fins!

Take Your Training to the Next Level with Swim Fins!

If you’re pursuing competitively or just looking to become a stronger, more confident swimmer, learning to improve your technique is everything and utilizing specific swim tools can make this task easier. One of these tools would be swim fins! Below are five ways the swim fins can work to improve your stroke.

Better Body Position

Achieving a correct body position in the water is fundamental to maximizing your power generation and having more efficient swims. Swim fins help you reach this goal by adding velocity to your stroke. Also, with the added propulsion of fins, you’ll be able to hold a higher body line.

Greater Ankle Flexibility

Fins can be effective tools in developing a more effective and efficient flutter and dolphin kick. The resistance provided by the fins reinforces proper kick mechanics.

Less Shoulder Stress

Although swimming is a low-impact activity, this isn’t to say that it can’t overly strain certain sections of the body. The high amount of repetitive movements can lead to overworking of the shoulder muscles. With fins providing added propulsion, less strain is placed on your shoulders. This helps to reduce and discomfort you’ll experience from your swimming sessions and also minimize the chance of injuries.

More Strength and Endurance

With fins, you’ll be able to kick for longer timespans, which helps to build endurance. And since this equipment enables you to achieve higher speeds in the water, the additional resistance will help build your strength as well.

How to Choose the Right Fins

Two main factors that play into the right fins for you are:

  • Length
  • Flexibility

Length: Fin length is the greatest factor as it impacts your stroke technique and speed. Shorter fins are better for every day kicking and swim training, while longer fins are ideal for underwater dolphin kicks and leaning body undulation.

Flexibility: When all is said and done, comfort is important. Stiff fins are better for speed; however, they can make your feet feel heavy and lead to muscle soreness. On the other hand, if the fins are overly soft, they will bend too much when power is applied and have a lesser benefit.