Swimming Is a Great Fitness Option for Seniors

Senior Swimming

Exercise is something that enters our lives at a very young age. Whether we’re chasing kids on the school playground or playing with siblings in the backyard, exercise starts young. As we get older, the forms of exercise we partake in may change, but its importance in our lives remains crucial. Exercise in our senior years is especially important to prevent numerous health issues.

Relieves Stress on Joints

One reason swimming is an ideal exercise form for seniors is that it removes the pressure that many land-based activities put on our joints. This can help make exercise much more possible for individuals suffering from arthritis or other joint-related problems. Here are some additional reasons why seniors should consider adopting swimming as their main form of exercise.

Increases Flexibility

A great aspect of swimming is that it involves fully body movements. Swimming movements can increase flexibility in the hips, legs, arms and neck.

Improves Heart Health

Swimming is a great workout for your heart. This cardiovascular workout develops strength and endurance in your heart. Swimming also lowers your blood pressure, improves circulation and reduces the risk of heart and lung disease.

Improves Stability

Reduced balance is a big issue in the senior population. Less balance increases the chances of seniors suffering from a falling-related injury. Swimming helps to develop core muscles that increase stability and reduce your chances of falling.

What Does Pool Exercise Look Like?

A pool workout doesn’t have to consist of swimming laps around your pool area. Due to the resistance that water provides, performing basic body movements in the water can allow for a great workout. Examples of basic movements that can prove to be a great workout in the water are:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Lateral arm raises
  • Squat jumps
  • Underwater jogging