Swimming Apps to Elevate Your Performance in the Pool

Swimming Apps to Elevate Your Performance in the Pool

In our technology-driven society, there always seems to be a new piece of tech to help us better achieve our goals. This proves true in the pool as well! Below, are some of the top apps to elevate your performance in the pool.


Available on both iTunes and Google Play, Swim.com enables you to track your workout with metrics, such as stroke type, kick distance, distance per stroke and much more. The app then organizes this data into more comprehendible graphs and tables, so users can better measure their progress over time. Swim.com also gives you the ability to connect with other members of the Swim.com community.

In addition to its many features, Swim.com is also compatible with a number of devices. Apple, Garmin and Pebble smartwatches are just some of the devices the app functions best with.


MySwimPro is a highly customizable and interactive swimming app. This app allows users to choose the appropriate level that best aligns with their current skill in the water. Video instruction are then offered and swim workouts are designed based on the user’s development in the pool. MySwimPro also gives users access to an extensive swim workout library. The workouts range in difficulty level, from novice to advanced.

Speedo Fit

Speedo Fit shows valuable swim stats, such as distance, duration and sets, within a dashboard that tracks your development over time. Speedo Fit also gives users a platform to log notes about their swims in the app. Training videos and swimming tips are offered, to assist you in bettering your technique and reaching your goals in the pool!

At B&C Aquatics we want to see you realize your swimming goals. Use the above apps to receive real-time information on your performance in the pool! If youre looking to enjoy recreational swims throughout the winter season, we have indoor swimming facilities in Pickering and Toronto.