Social Benefits of Swimming

Social Swimming

Yes, swimming lessons can have an abundance of physical benefits, but have you considered the social benefits? Swimming lessons can be beneficial to your child’s social development.

Interacting with New people

Group swimming lessons create an atmosphere in which your child will interact with children he or she has never met before. From a social development standpoint, this aspect of group swimming lessons can be valuable as your child learns how to interact and be confident around different personalities. Groups are also ideal for reinforcing principles such as:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Fair play
  • Self-discipline
  • Teamwork

How about making new friends? Group swimming gives your child an opportunity to make friends that will translate into friendships even outside of the pool. Birthday parties, sleepovers or just someone to hang out with on the weekend, group swimming helps create these opportunities.

Parents Your Support Matters

Parents, let’s not forget your role in all this. In most instances, you’re probably going to be the individual driving your little ones to their swim lessons and showing your support from the sidelines. You may think that your role often goes unnoticed; however, your youngsters will appreciate having you there and this can work to strengthen your bond.

Authority Figures

In swimming lessons, children constantly interact with the swim teacher. Swim teachers hold a position of authority and leadership in the swimming pool and allow kids to practice interacting with them. These skills may transfer over into how children interact with their parents or even teachers in the classroom.

There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition

As parents, you want to see your children strive to be the best that they can be in every area of their lives. Competition amongst friends can lend a hand to that progression. Participating in activities with other youth often pushes kids to elevate their performance, opposed to if they were engaging in that activity on their own.

Humans are social beings and learning proper swimming technique is important, but ensuring that children are equipped with the social skills needed to excel in life takes the cake! Group swimming lessons can help with the development of these very important skills.