Showering Before and After Swimming

Showering before and after the pool

Is showering with soap part of your pre-swim routine? Showering before and after entering the pool has significant health benefits for you and your fellow swimmers.

Prior to Entering the Pool

Did you know perspiration, lotions, make-up residue, urine and other microbes are all things found on our skin that we take into the pool with us? Showering beforehand prevents these chemicals and bacteria from entering the water.

But there’s chlorine in the water, you say? Don’t let this false sense of security stop you from realizing the importance of showering before a swim. A common misconception is chlorine kills bacteria immediately upon contact. This is incorrect and means you are still exposed to harmful bacteria in the pool. The best way to ensure a clean swimming experience is for swimmers to shower prior to entering the pool. This reduces the bacteria in the pool, to begin with.

In fact, did you know chlorine mixed with our body’s organic matter creates a more toxic matter called halogenated by-products (HBPs). Washing prior to entering the pool reduces the HBPs in our pool water.

Post-Swim Showers

Showering after the pool is just as important as before you enter it. A post-swim shower removes chemicals and bacteria from your skin and reduces your chances of developing infections or rashes.

Showering is not just important in swimming but other water activities such as canoeing fishing or boating, where your body is still exposed to water-based contaminants. It’s important to note that cleanliness is also a concern with outdoor swimming as well.

Incorporating a shower before and after swimming not only keeps our swimming pools cleaner but helps us enjoy this form of exercise without jeopardizing our well-being. If you’re looking for a clean swim environment check us out, we’d love to have you!