Scenarios That Should Keep You Out of the Water

Scenarios That Should Keep You Out of the Water

As fun as swimming can be and even with its many health benefits, there are certain scenarios where taking a break from the water is the best option. If you are facing any of the following conditions and thinking of going for a swim, DON’T!


Minor scratches and bruises shouldn’t impede you from getting in the water; however, serious injuries should definitely keep you sidelined until you’ve recovered. Broken bones, deep wounds and severe burns are just a few injuries that are not fit for swimming. For starters, a cast and water don’t make a great combination and the last thing you want is any bacteria getting in a cut.


If you’re suffering from even a light cold, going swimming is likely not a good idea. First of all, being in the water could expose you to germs that could get you even sicker or cause those around you to get sick. Not to mention a serious illness could leave you vulnerable to throwing up in the water, which would shut down the pool for all users. So, if you’re sick, do what’s best for everyone and stay out of the water!

Poor Water Conditions

Poor water conditions can take various forms and be encountered in both pools and open water. Poor water conditions can take the form of unclean pool water, from pollution or some other form of contamination. Rough water (large waves or riptide) conditions can also be classified as poor water conditions as they’re not ideal for swimming.