Ready to Throw the Pool Party of the Summer?

How to throw the pool party of the summer

Does your child want to invite his or her friends over to splash around in the backyard pool? Or maybe, you’re planning an adult pool party for you and your friends. In either case, consider this advice to create an awesome pool party experience.

Have a Theme

Including a theme is a great way to add some flair and excitement to a pool party. Pool party themes can include:

  • A Vegas night;
  • A beach party;
  • Or a Pirates themed party.

Incorporating pool toys, tablecloths and other decorations that go along with your theme will only help bring your desired feel to life.

Helpful Tips to Add to Make Your Party a Success

  • Have extra towels and flip flops on hand in case guests forget to bring their own.
  • Lounge areas with umbrellas are great for those wanting to relax outside of the pool.
  • Pool toys can add to the fun but should be safe and match the swimming level of your guests. It’s also important to avoid pool toys that can obstruct your view of the entire pool.
  • For drinks, use plastic cups instead of glasses to prevent broken glass around or potentially in the pool area.

Supervision is a Must!

This is super important, especially if your pool party will consist of kids. Even with good swimmers, accidents can happen. Constant supervision is required to end any reckless behavior or provide assistance should someone show signs of distress in the water.

If your child is having their friends over, ask some of the other parents to stay back for additional supervision. Extra eyes mean, a lower chance of an accident going unnoticed.

With adult parties, you will need to decide whether to serve alcohol or not. Alcoholic beverages can cause dangerous behavior when interacting with water. You can avoid alcohol-related mishaps by offering appetizers and finger food, which helps minimize drinking on an empty stomach. Remember, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time! Offer beverages such as sodas, non-alcoholic beer or freshly squeezed juice.