Preparing for Summer Swimming: Part 1

Preparing for Summer Swimming: Part 1

As of June 21, summer commences and the race to make the most of the warmer months before they disappear, is on! High temperatures make way for weekends spent having fun at the cottage with friends and family, pools will be uncovered in preparation for pool parties and on the hottest day, maybe even a family trip to a waterpark.

Along with getting to enjoy our favourite summer outfits, longer days and just the pleasure of warmth on our skin, getting to have fun in the water is definitely a major highlight of the summer season.

Unfortunately, with swimming come the water-related accidents, many of which were avoidable. At B&C Aquatics, we believe water-safety is paramount and that both children and adults need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be near and in the water safely. Each part of this four-part series will address a different topic pertaining to safe summer swimming! Today’s topic is:

The Importance of Having a Swimming Buddy

Swimming alone is dangerous, regardless of age and swimming ability. Even the most skilled swimmers can run into problems that can quickly escalate to a life-threatening level. Water issues can arise from:

  • Risk Taking: This can take many forms like attempting to swim while under the influence of alcohol or running while you should be walking on the pool deck.
  • Poor Swim SkillsEntering any body of water without strong swim skills is a very bad idea, as one can very quickly become overwhelmed by water depth or currents or undertow.
  • Injury: Even for excellent swimmers, a simple cramp can make keeping your head above the water nearly impossible!

The above points aren’t meant to induce fear but as a reminder that water environments aren’t to be taken lightly and can have dire consequences if they are. Having a swimming buddy goes a long way in avoiding harm.

Swimming with someone who has lifesaving skills and is also an adept swimmer means they’ll be able to assist you should you start having difficulty in the water. This is important to realize, swimming lessons don’t just help you stay safe but equip you with skills to assist others as well. We hope you found this blog post informative and look forward to delivering part 2 next week!