Possible Water Hazards to Be Aware of

Possible Water Hazards to Be Aware of

Swimming is a great recreational activity; however, without the necessary precautions, it can quickly become dangerous. Fortunately, by developing strong swimming skills and becoming mindful on how to appropriately behave near bodies of water, many water-related accidents can be avoided. Here are some possible water hazards to be aware of next time you go swimming!

Deep Water

If you are swimming in deeper water or swimming in open water with an unknown depth, strong swimming skills are an absolute must. Correct swimming technique helps a swimmer:

  • Stay calm in water;
  • Swim efficiently, so as to not waste their energy;
  • and take proper breaths, which gives us endurance in the water.


Parties can be concerning as people generally have a care-free attitude and are focused on having fun. With kids pool parties, it’s important that all guests understand proper pool etiquette prior to entering the pool and how they can interact with others in the pool. For example, no pushing or jumping on one another should be tolerated; this horse-play can result in some being injured or even submerged under the water and not able to resurface.

With adult pool parties, keep in mind alcohol and swimming is a bad combination. No people swimming should be consuming liquid that can inhibit their motor skills and distort their perception. Those consuming alcoholic beverages should be kept out of the pool and alcohol-free beverages can be made available to all those swimming.

Crowded Pools and beaches

Keeping track of young kids in the water at public swimming pools or open water can be quite the task. When taking kids to busy swimming spots, it’s important to have safety precautions established. For example, implement swimming buddies. No child can enter the water without their designated partner and there should always be an adult in charge of keeping an eye on children in the water.