Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety Tips

Swimming is such an enriching activity for both our physical and mental health and this causes many of us to try and incorporate into our lives in a variety of ways–from backyard pools to time at a hotel pool or beach. And as responsible parents, the job falls on us to ensure our children only have access to safe swimming environments. Below, are important safety tips you can apply, in your backyard pool, on vacation or at a recreational pool, to keep your little one safe!

Look for Barriers and Alarms

This point is especially important when in unfamiliar swim areas, such as pools. Many hotel pools come with a gate that must remain shut when the pool is not in use. Another important feature to look for is a safety alarm. Safety alarms trigger a high pitch alert when movement is detected in the water. These alarms can be deactivated during supervised swim times.

Leave the Pool and Poolside Clear of Toys

Clear rules should be laid out for how your child should behave around the pool; however, keeping the poolside clear of toy reduces the chances of slipping and falling. Pool edges are often made from hard materials and a knock to the head could have serious health repercussions. After pool time is over, removing all toys discourages your child from going back to the water to retrieve one they left behind.

Check Water Depth

As the parent, you’ll definitely want to make sure your child isn’t in water that’s too deep for them. Beginner or non-swimmers should be kept in the shallow end as they won’t have the necessary skills to stay at the water’s surface in the deep end. Most swimming pools will have the depth (in metres) painted at the side of the pool for your knowledge.