Parents! Here’s How B&C Aquatics Benefits You

Parents! How B&C Aquatics Benefits You

If you’re looking to sign your child up for swim lessons, this is a commitment that will not just impact your child but you as well. Placing a child in extracurricular activities, for many parents, means a huge time commitment–with driving and supporting their children. So, when choosing the swim school your child will attend, it’s important to consider how it impacts you as well. B&C Aquatics is proud to offer top-notch services in a quality facility that benefits both swimmer and parents.

Opportunity to Interact with Other Parents

A large part of a parent’s day is spent tending to the needs of their child; it’s nice to have an opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow adults as well. At B&C Aquatics, we offer a viewing area, where parents can comfortably sit and observe their swimmers in the pool, through our large viewing window. This can be the perfect opportunity for parents to connect with other parents and enjoy adult company while having the comfort of seeing how their kids are at all times.

 Ability to Arrange Playdates

Social skills are a huge part of a child’s overall development. Growing these skills, will help kids in school, equip them with the skills to better connect with others and be a productive member of society. The group swimming lessons offered at B&C Aquatics, allows your kids to learn how to swim amongst other kids their age. So, as the parent, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that through his or her swimming lessons, your child has the opportunity to build friendships, practice social skills and learn how to respect authority–by listening to the instructor.