Our #1 Piece of Advice for Swim Parents


We have over 30 years of swimming knowledge and swim lesson education here at
B&C Aquatics. Founders Chris and Bonnie have spent most of their lives in water
and Chris’ father created the basis of the comprehensive swim program that we use
here to this day. Our extensive knowledge of swimming, swim lessons, and
experience in teaching allow us to call ourselves experts in the pool.
Throughout our many years of providing Children’s Swim Lessons in Pickering and
Children’s Swim Lessons in Scarborough, we’ve seen both children and their parents
go through the emotional range of learning how to swim—intimidation, excitement,
concern, joy, frustration, elation, and so much more. Although we try our best to
keep our students from feeling this way, we also sometimes see kids experience

Fear of water is a normal and natural thing to experience. Water is a totally new
space that requires a different set of skills to navigate and master. When learning
how to do this, children are sometimes fearful because they feel vulnerable and

When this fear is expressed, progress in a child’s swim education can sometimes be
hindered and put at a sort of stalemate. This can cause frustration in parents who
want to see their child learn new things and succeed in the task set before them.
This is a normal thing to feel, too but our many years of experience has taught us
that there’s something important to remember when these concerns start rising:

Your child’s comfort level is better than their surface level progress.

When it comes to swimming, getting comfortable in the water—the new and
possibly scary—environment is the most important thing to develop. Without this
initial state of comfort, progress in your child’s swim education will not be achieved.
Whether has spent 1 week or 4 weeks practicing blowing bubbles or dunking their
head underwater to get comfortable in the water, the time spent on this progress is
valid and important to your child’s safe and healthy swimming development.
Progress in swimming is not a math equation—it is a feeling of freedom, happiness,
and comfort in the water.

All the time spent on getting your child comfortable in the water is not time wasted.
The more comfortable they are in the water, they further (and faster) they will go in
their swim education. Be supportive of your child and their progress, no matter how
fast or slow, and watch them succeed.

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