Life Skills Taught in the Pool

Life Skills Taught in the Pool

The impact that swimming lessons have on young children goes so much further than the water. Learning to swim reinforces so many skills that can be applied in various parts of life. Below, are some life skills that your child will receive from a B&C Aquatics swim class!

Fear Can’t Stop Us from Moving Forward

For many people, being in the pool feels unnatural. Not only do our body movements feel different underwater, there’s also the fact that we can’t breathe when we’re submerged in it! Rightfully so, these concerns can be a source of fear for people and can even prevent them from getting in the pool at all; however, avoiding our fears isn’t the right strategy.

At B&C Aquatics, our swim school exists to equip people with the skills and knowledge to successfully keep yourselves and others safe in and around bodies of water. And in return, you’ll be able to participate in a host of water activities, like fun at the beach, surfing, paddle boarding and much more. So, the first key takeaway we can get from the pool is that overcoming our fears opens doors to more possibilities!

Good Habits Bring Good Opportunities

To excel in swimming lessons, kids will need to implement important skills, such as listening skills, time management and tenacity. As kids are challenged with new, more complex tasks in the pool, they may become frustrated and unmotivated at times; however, as their swim teacher guides them to achieve their goals, they will reap the benefits of their perseverance. These lessons are so important as they teach children that good things come from cultivating positive habits. And the best part is, the good habits your child develops in the pool, transfer into the classroom, other sports teams and other extra-curricular activities your child may participate in.

Support One Another in Achieving Your Goals

At B&C Aquatics, one major aspect we strive to create in our group classes is an environment of support and cohesiveness. With children, this means teaching them to encourage fellow swimmers throughout the lessons and not distracting one another when the instructor is talking.

These moments impart essential social skills to the youth that will help them in so many areas of life, like being a better sibling, student and friend!