Learning to Stay Relaxed in the Pool

Learning to Stay Relaxed in the Pool

For many swimmers, getting to a place where they are relaxed in the pool is a major challenge; but, a relaxed mindset makes for a more successful swimmer. Being relaxed helps swimmers calm their muscles and promotes better breathing, which helps with buoyancy. Sporadic or frantic breathing is detrimental to helping a swimmer stay at the water’s surface. This means the swimmer will have to exert more energy to avoid sinking, which leads to fatigue in the pool. Also, a relaxed swimmer is a happy swimmer that will get the most out of their time in the pool.

So, How Do I Get Relaxed in the Water?

Go Back to the Basics

  • Floating Exercises

These exercises will get you more familiar with how your body feels in the water and will go a long way in helping you to achieve correct swim technique as well. Instead of using every muscle to stay afloat, basic floating exercises will teach you how to engage the right muscle groups to float and utilize controlled breathing techniques to optimize buoyancy.

  • Submerging Completely Under Water

New swimmers should practice submerging underwater in very shallow water, where they can easily stand above the water’s surface. The point of this activity is it gives the individual a better sense of how their body behaves and responds to different movements under the water. It also allows them to get used to holding their breath.

Shallow water is important for this exercise as the person won’t even have to swim, you’ll just be able to get used to being in the water until you gradually become relaxed in it.

Whether you’re an adult that is looking to learn to swim or a parent that recognizes the value that swimming lessons offer your children, here at B&C Aquatics we believe everyone should be equipped with the swim skills that allow them to be safe and relaxed in the pool. Click here to check out our swim classes!