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Is Your Child Water Safe?®

Toddler Swimming Lessons In Greater Toronto Area & Durham Region


B & C Aquatics Limited runs the Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program levels 1 to 10, but we use our own methods and standards.

At B&C Aquatics, we believe in water safety and comfort. This is why we ensure that each child is completely proficient and comfortable at their current level before advancing them. To achieve this, our lessons limit class sizes to students of 4 and include one B & C Aquatics personally and professionally trained instructors, one assistant, and one supervisor. We are pleased to offer parents a full report on the progress of their child at each session.

Take advantage of our one-way viewing lounge and watch your child develop confidence in the water! Or, when your child isn’t at their Toddler or Kid Swimming Lesson, enjoy our weekly free swimming times at both privately owned locations. We have family changing rooms for your convenience!

We offer these lessons to children in the GTA and Durham Region. If you are looking for Toddler Swim Lessons or Kid Swim Lessons in the Scarborough, or Pickering area, Contact B & C Aquatics Limited today to register your child(ren) for our swim lessons.

Much More Than Basic Swim Lessons For Toddlers & Kids in Toronto


To do anything right, you need a solid foundation of understanding. This goes for toddler and kid swimming lessons, too. This is why B & C Aquatics is dedicated to making sure your child learns not only excellent skills but comfort in the water before moving to a higher program. In our experience, this solid foundation of understanding makes the best and most water safe children.

Toddler Swim lessons is essential for children to learn water safety. Allowing your child to learn how to swim by enrolling them in swim lessons, you are ensuring that your child is water safe, can survive potentially life threatening situations, and can pursue a career in water athletics.

At B & C Aquatics Limited, we teach Water safety and the importance of it in an encouraging and nurturing environment, which helps your child to boost confidence, make new friends, and learn life-long skills.

Our well-trained, certified, and professional team of 70 instructors and modern facilities ensure the highest level of learning for your child. The primary objective of our swimming lessons for toddlers is to help them learn life-long skills which will contribute to their overall development.

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Why Choose B & C Aquatics


We have always believed in providing the best environment and highest level of instruction to our students. Our ultimate goal is for each of our students to learn effectively, even if that is at a different pace than other students, in order to be as water safe as possible.

We have been successfully doing this since our inception in 1991. We proudly instruct more than 3,000 individuals a week and we continue to welcome new swimmers every season. Here’s why we’re the best choice for kid swim lessons in the GTA and Durham area:

  • Our certified instructors craft personalized lessons to meet your child’s individual needs.
  • You can communicate directly with our instructors and check your child’s progress.
  • Our instructors always give honest and up-to-date feedback to parents about the performance of their child.
  • We help your child improve on self-confidence and water comfort as well as teach about the importance of water safety.
  • We understand that learning how to swim at a young age is the most effective and successful method of learning how to swim. We encourage enrolling your child as an infant or toddler.
  • 2 instructors (one main and one assistant) means that your child constantly gets active learning time.
  • We have highly trained lifeguards and supervisors always on deck for extra safety.
  • Your child will only progress in swim lessons once they achieve full proficiency at their current level. This ensures that they learn in a healthy and effective manner rather than just be forced through to higher levels when they are not ready.
  • Our pools are hygienic and facilities equipped with modern facilities.


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