How To Talk To Your Child About Water Safety

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Water safety is the education and implementation of live saving techniques and behavior. Talking about water safety and teaching your child to be water safe is the best way to avoid water danger, especially drowning. With drowning being among the top causes of death in children, it is important to teach your children what it means to be water safe. Here are some ways that you can do this:

Start In The Tub
Bath time is a perfect place for parents to bring up the issue of water safety with their child since it provides a safe and comforting space for the child while also being a perfect example area. Bath time is also the perfect time to have a conversation with your child as bath time provides a minimum amount of distractions.

Outline and Explain
Once you’ve established the bathtub as a safe zone, use the outline and explain method to teach your child forms of water safety.For example, tell them that slipper surfaces are dangerous as it can cause someone to fall into deep waters and potentially drown. Explain that wearing proper foot care, watching where you are stepping, and walking cautiously can avoid this problem.

Ask Their Opinion
A conversation about water safety with your child should not be one sided. Ask them what they think about water safety, how they will preform it in their everyday life, and what else they can do to be water safe. Engaging in a dialogue with your child will ensure that they think about their water safety discussion and will help them to remember its importance.

Enroll Them In Swimming Lessons
This is the best way to ensure that your child is water safe. At B&C Aquatics, we are very strict about water safety and keep it at a top priority. We instruct our students on the life-saving skill of swimming to ensure water safety and also teach them how to engage within and without of the pool in a safe manner.

Protect your child from the risk of drowning simply by signing them up for swim lessons today! To sign your child up for swim lessons in our Pickering or Scarborough locations, call us today at 905.420.4141 or email us at Also, don’t forget to check out our website.