How to Stay Active as a Family

How to Stay Active as a Family

At B&C Aquatics, we encourage families to stay active outside of the pool as well. Family activities promote a better family dynamic and help individual family members achieve a better quality of life. Staying active is also a crucial aspect of being a balanced human-being, which leads to better performance in activities like swimming lessons. So, here are ways you and your family can stay active!

Family Sports

Family sports can include a backyard game of badminton, basketball on the driveway or a fitness class designed for families.

Seasonal Outdoor Activities

Participating in seasonal activities not only introduces your kids to healthy activities that they may continue throughout their lives but also ensures your family is staying active throughout the entire year. From swimming and canoeing in the summer to ice skating or skiing in the winter, each season provides an opportunity for different forms of family fun.

Play Together

Whether it’s hide-and-go-seek, hopscotch or tag, playing together is a fun way to bring your family closer together and stay active at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Family Activity?

As discussed above, one of the major benefits of staying active as a family is the ability to grow closer together with your loved ones; however, there are numerous physical benefits that accompany an active family lifestyle, such as:

  • Reduced risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes;
  • Improved immune system function;
  • Improved sleep and mood;
  • Stronger bones;
  • Decreased risk of suicide in teens;
  • Reduced restlessness or hyperactivity;
  • And increased weight loss.

These benefits can be experienced in both youth and adults alike and the degree to which they are felt is affected by other factors, such as diet.

So, after reading this article, how is your family doing at incorporating fitness into everyday life? No matter where you’re at in this process, use the activities outlined above to increase your family’s activity level.