How To Prepare Your Child For Swim Lessons At Home


It is normal for children to go into swim lessons feeling hesitant or anxious. The pool, or other large bodies of water, is an entirely new environment that requires a new set of actions in order to navigate the space.It is important to curb rising anxiety associated with water and swimming as soon as possible in order to make learning how to swim easier for your child. In this article you will learn the 4 tips that you can do at home to curb swim anxiety in your child. Thankfully, they’re all fun parent-child activities!

Associate Water Time With Fun Through Toys

By playing with toys during bath time, you can get your child used to spending lengthy periods of time in the water and associating it with fun. The more fun your child has in the water, the more ease and comfort that they will feel. This will then reflect back into their swim lessons and allow them to learn at a steadier pace. Playing with toys during bath time will also this will also get them familiar with teaching tools/ activities that instructors may use in their lessons.

Get Their Heads Wet

Most children don’t enjoy getting their faces wet. Gently tipping your child’s head back into water will get them used to the sensation of water surrounding them. They will get to know that it is not a dangerous activity and that being surrounded by water can actually feel good! In addition, tipping your child’s head back into water will naturally get them to hold their breath which is a fantastic organic way to begin learning this skill.

Blow Bubbles In The Water

Some kids might be hesitant to blow bubbles in the water because they are fearful of what will happen. If your child is scared, it is important to demonstrate that it is safe and fun to blow bubbles. Do this by doing the action yourself, encouraging your child to follow, and providing positive reinforcement. This will get them comfortable with the water and also teach them breath control.

Swim With Your Child

Introducing your child to the pool is the best way to get them acquainted with that new environment. Being introduced to the pool through someone they trust and feel safe with is helpful for adjusting to the environment. Take your child swimming to show them that they can be safe as long as they listen to the person supervising them. This will instill positive attitudes towards swimming and decrease your child’s chances of having swimming related anxiety.

Preparing your child for swim lessons at home can help them feel comfortable and safe in the water. When children feel at ease in the water, they are able to focus on learning how to swim rather than be preoccupied with fear. By preforming these simple tips, you can help your child learn how to swim better and receive a both practical and enjoyable skill. To sign your child up for swim lessons, call us today at 905.420.4141 or email us at