How To Keep Your Children Safe Around Pools


With the summer heat fast approaching, you may want to start spending more time at the pool to cool off. In recent years, drowning has become the No. 2 cause of death for young children. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe around pools.

Choose a “Lifeguard”
Just like any pool or beach, supervision is key to protecting young kids and to maintain a high level of safety when around water. Choose a designated adult “lifeguard” who can dedicate their full attention to each child in and around the water.

Install Barriers for Safety
Due to the tendency of children wandering around the house and yard, many children can fall victim to falling into an unsupervised pool while outside. Try installing a four feet or higher fence around the perimeter of the pool to prevent any injuries or problems.

Clean Up!
Colorful and interactive pool toys are fun to play with, but when no one is supervising the pool, children may be tempted to grab these toys and could risk falling in. To prevent this, the pool should be cleared of any deck or pool toys during unsupervised swim times.

Staying At Arm’s Reach
Whether you are in the pool or outside of the pool supervising your child, make sure you are within arm’s reach in case of any falling or drifting into deep water.

Be Equipped with Swimming Aids
Pool toys can not only be fun, but they can also help in dangerous situations. For any young child, it is recommended they wear lifejackets that are proper fitting, as well as grabbing long tubes or flutter boards they can easily grab on to in the pool.

Teach your Kids to Swim
At B & C Aquatics, we are dedicated to helping children learn how to swim and be safe in the water. Our programs offer multiple tools to help with the progressions of any swimmer afraid or uncomfortable in the water. Teaching your kids to swim is the easiest way to prevent any mishaps in your backyard pools.

At B&C Aquatics, we don’t only teach you or your kids how to swim, but also teach everyone the basic etiquette and safety rules you need to know when you are around water. Contact B & C Aquatics today at 905.420.4141 for more information about our professional swim lessons and how teach and train you to be safe around water.