How to Keep Your Child Progressing at an Appropriate Rate

How to Keep Your Child Progressing at an Appropriate Rate

As a parent, the safety and well-being of your child (or children) is a top priority. It’s because of this that you chose to place them in swimming lessons in the first place. We all want our children to have the skills to be confident and safe swimmers and that’s exactly why it can be frustrating when we feel like they’re not advancing as quickly as they should be. It’s important to remember all children learn at their own pace and have their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. So, if you feel your child isn’t progressing at the appropriate pace in the pool, keep the following in mind.


It’s important for both you and your child to remember, proficiency in swimming is a marathon, not a sprint. Your child won’t become an expert swimmer in a week. Be patient with their progress and celebrate the small victories along the way!


Consistency is a vital component in your child improving their swim skills. Afterall, “practice makes perfect.” The more opportunity your child has to practice what they learn in their swimming lessons the better. So, take advantage of recreational swim times in addition to your regular swim times. This gives your child more time to practice what they’ve learned. If you have a backyard pool, supervise as your child works on their skills. The more time your child spends in the pool, on a consistent basis, the better their progress will be!

Lesson Plan and Instructors

At B&C Aquatics, whether you’re in the group or private lessons, we strive to meet each individual swimmer where they are and instruct them in the best way to guarantee their success. Our trained instructors will employ different techniques with each child, to ensure they’re reaching them in the best way for their personal gain.