How To Keep Kids Active While Social Distancing

Keeping Kids Active While Social Distancing

If you have small children, you know just how necessary it is to give your children ample time to run and play during the day. Children need to stay active for both their mental and physical health. Due to social distancing rules, you may be finding it difficult to get your children the physical activity they need in a day, especially if you do not have a backyard or live in an apartment/condo building. Here are some ideas that might be able to help you get your kids the physical activity time that they need.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is a game that never gets old. Kids absolutely love it! Simply write up a list of prompts (for example: something blue, something fluffy, something round, etc.) and have your kids explore your home and collect those objects.

Planting a Garden

Starting an indoor nursery or herb garden? Have your kids help out! It will keep them active for a little while and it is a great opportunity to educate your kids on various types of plants.

Go “Camping”

Every kid loves building a fort. Simply gather up supplies such as pillows, blankets, cushions, etc. and have your child construct their own “tent” in your living room. If you have a backyard and have real camping equipment, you can even set up a tent in your backyard.


A speaker, an amazing playlist, and lots of room is all you need for a great dance work-out with your kid! Put on some of your favourite songs and dance it out wherever and whenever you want to!


Let your child splish and splash around in the bathtub to get in some exercise. This is especially great for children who cannot attend their swimming lessons as it gives them a chance to practice what they’ve been learning!

If you get a bit creative, there are endless ways to keep your child physically active, healthy and happy throughout the day. Hopefully some of these tips helped you. Keep checking our blog for more tips and tricks to help you and your children throughout the pandemic. Stay safe!