How to Improve your Swimming Outside of the Pool

How to Improve your Swimming Outside of the Pool

There’s no better way to improve your swimming skills and become more comfortable in the pool then actually getting in the water. However, there are things that you can do outside of the pool that will help you improve your skills and overall health to become an even better swimmer! Here’s our top 3 ways to improve your swimming outside of the pool.


Daily stretching outside of the pool can help you to build flexibility and muscle mobility. Building flexibility is a huge benefit when it comes to how you perform in the pool, as the various strokes in swimming require a wide range of motion and muscle use. Stretching will help to get your body used to these motions and become more mobile when you get in the water.

Healthy Eating

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways you can get your body in shape for swimming. Fueling up with healthy food sources allows your body to feel energized throughout the day and will help you increase your activity level. This lifestyle will help you feel great during the day and especially when performing in a sport like swimming.

Cardio Exercises

A big contributor to how well you feel and perform in the pool can be your cardiovascular health. A strong cardiovascular system allows your heart to efficiently pump blood throughout your body and also increases your lung capacity. These benefits will be a huge help when it comes to your swimming performance. You can do cardio exercises outside of the pool such as running and cycling to help improve this.

Weight Training

Training with weights will help to improve your muscle strength for more power in the pool. It can help you to perform more powerful kicks and stronger strokes that will allow you to improve your speed while swimming! Some of the key muscle groups that will benefit you the most include your back, core and leg muscles.