How to Fuel Your Body Correctly for Your Workouts

How to Fuel Your Body Correctly for Your Workouts

Staying physically active is imperative to maintaining good overall health; but, if we’re not diligent with our diet, we can jeopardize the benefits that working out can have on our well-being. At B&C Aquatics, we recognize that swimming is an excellent form of physical activity and want people to get the most out of their time in the water. So, before your next workout, make sure you’ve considered these food tips.

Nothing Beats Whole Foods

Energy bars and replacement drinks are often viewed as a more convenient way of consuming the nutrients our body needs to function; however, no meal replacement has the phytonutrients and fibers found in real whole foods.

These options are ok to use occasionally but they should not be the main source of your nutritional intake.

Ensure You Are Eating Around Your Exercise

Eating prior to working out is crucial as this is where your body gets the energy to participate in your physical activities. When creating your pre-workout meal you’ll want to take portion size into consideration. Consuming a large meal prior to working out can leave you feeling sluggish and cause cramps during physical activity.

And just like eating beforehand, eating post-workout is very important to make the most of your physical activity. Eating a meal of protein and carbs, within two hours of your exercise session, provides your body with the nutrients to grow muscle tissue and repair blood vessels that supply the tissue.

Try Not to Skip Breakfast

When you skip breakfast you tend to make up the calories later in the day by consuming even more calories. Experts recommend having a light balanced breakfast, which gives you the energy to start your day and if you prefer working out in the morning the energy for your workouts as well.