How To Avoid Common Swimming Injuries

How To Avoid Common Swimming Injuries

Whether you are an experienced swimmer or a first-time swimmer, it is important to recognize that swimming is a sport that comes with plenty of potential injuries. Everything from mild injuries such as exhaustion, physical exertion, muscle tension/pulling to extreme dangers such as drowning are possible. To ensure your safety inside the pool or other swimming arena, here are some tips to avoid common swimming injuries:


Shoulders are an extremely vulnerable joint for swimmers as the action of swimming stems mostly from this part of the body. The most common type of injury in regard to a swimmer’s shoulders is a rotator cuff impingement, which is caused by pressure on the rotator cuff when the arm is lifted. The best way to avoid this is to regularly exercise the shoulder outside the pool. By building strength, you also build flexibility and resistance.


Knee injuries are a particularly painful type of injury and is very common in swimmers who practice the breaststroke often. You can determine whether you are developing a knee injury if you begin to feel pain in the front of the knee (which is attributed to the patellar tendon irritation caused by bending the knee repeatedly). To avoid this, strengthen your knees by exercising outside the pool and be sure to stretch your hamstrings and quadriceps correctly before swimming.


Although swimming is a great way to help relieve back pain, if not performed correctly, swimmers can also experience heightened back pain. The twisting motions involved in swimming may result in irritation to the spinal joints, which can cause lower and upper back pain. To avoid this, be sure to watch your form while swimming and always be sure to practice the correct technique.

At B & C Aquatics, we take safety seriously, both on deck and in the pool. Stay safe wherever you are swimming by following these simple tips.

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