How Swimming Improves Overall Athletic Ability

How Swimming Improves Overall Athletic Ability

While it’s no secret that swimming is a great form of exercise, it also provides benefits to our abilities outside of the pool. Swimming allows us to improve in areas such as mobility and strength that can help in any other athletic activities. From allowing us to build muscle to simply helping with our heart rate, here are some ways that swimming improves overall athletic ability!

Increases Mobility

Mobility is a big part of athleticism as the wider our range of motion is the better we can utilize our body’s full potential and strength. Swimming is a great form of exercise for this, as the motions involved in different techniques allow us to stretch our muscles and improve the strength of our joints to allow for a wider range of motion.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

The exercise that swimming offers helps blood circulate around your body and strengthen your heart. A strong, healthy heart in turn will help to improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness that will have huge benefits in any athletic activity.

Increases Muscle Activity

Swimming is considered a full body workout as it uses nearly every muscle, allowing swimmers to build muscle evenly over the body. This promotes full-body development, opposed to workouts that only target specific muscle groups. Furthermore, swimming is a low impact activity, which means it places less wear and tear on the body so that you can avoid injury in other athletic activities.

Improves Athletic Mindset

A big part of athletic activities is the mindset that we go into them with. Going in with confidence and high self-esteem will help you perform to the best of your ability and believe that you achieve what you’re setting out to do. Swimming helps build this positive mindset through a goal-oriented approach. When a swimmer achieves a goal or overcomes a challenge they once viewed as unattainable, they’ll develop an optimistic outlook and a belief in their abilities. This self-confidence encourages us to tackle future athletic obstacles with the positivity that will help us perform our best.