How Swimming Can Help Heal Injuries


Swimming is a wonderful course of healing to attempt, if you are trying to heal your body of minor injuries by strengthening your muscles and ligaments. The actions involved in swimming cam stimulate rehabilitation in the body. Here are some benefits that healing-based swimming can offer you:

Low Impact Exercise
Exercising in water provides your body with a gentler workout than one outside of water and provides you with lesser chances of injury. Swimming and water exercise is a great way to provide your body with just enough resistance and movement to get your muscles, ligaments, and cardio the workout that they need.

Different Strokes
Switching your method of swimming/ your stroke will target different areas of your body. In attempting to heal your body through swimming, different strokes can provide simple workouts that will stretch and warm your muscles, increasing blood flow and therefore healing, without putting stress on it.

Cardio Value
Swimming means constant motion of your body in order to stay afloat. This constant motion keeps your heart-rate up and promotes cardiovascular health. Swimming is the perfect way to get a robust cardiovascular workout in because of its gentle effectiveness and because it is fun!

Thankfully, swimming is a very accessible way for people with minor injuries to exercise and heal their bodies. At B&C Aquatics, swimming school in Pickering and Scarborough, we offer free swim times and various different water classes for those who’d like to take advantages of the benefits that swimming offers the body. To sign your child up for swim lessons, arthritis swimming, or senior swimming, call us today at 905.420.4141 or email us at