How Long Should My Child Take Swim Lessons?

How Long Should My Child Take Swim Lessons

Every child is different; but, if you’re wondering how long it’ll take your child to become a competent swimmer, the following are just some of the factors that can impact this:

  • Age: Older kids will have a better ability to grasp concepts that younger children may struggle with.
  • Natural Athleticism: Some kids naturally have better coordination and strength that can help them excel in the pool.
  • Comfort-level: Some kids will be more comfortable in the water than others and it’s the job of the swim school to meet each kid at their level of comfort and build from there!

Some children can become skilled swimmers after one year in the pool, whereas, others require much more time to become proficient swimmers. Regardless of how fast your child is progressing, the key is to support them with where they are and keep encouraging them!

Even once your child masters the basic swimming techniques, there is still much for them to gain from continuing on with their swim lessons. So, here is why keeping your child in swimming lessons–even once they’re confident, capable swimmers–is a good idea.


In an age where our kids are more interested in sitting in front of a screen than being active, it is imperative that parents set aside a time for them to participate in physical activity.

Not only do swim lessons teach your child to focus and obey authority, but they’re also an excellent source of exercise. Staying active strengthens a child’s cardiovascular system, reducing the effects of conditions like asthma and minimizing chances for other health problems, such as type 2 diabetes.

Competitive Swimming

Swimming lessons can also introduce your child to other opportunities in the water, such as competitive swimming. Competitive swimming is a great sport for your child to build friendships and learn how to function as a part of a team. Competitive swimming also reinforces positive character traits in your young swimmer, like perseverance, hard work and commitment.