How Does Swimming Teach Life Skills?

How Does Swimming Teach Life Skills?


For all the parents out there, when you sign your child up for extracurricular activities, are you thinking about the skills they can develop that will help them excel in school and eventually the workplace, or just hoping they have a good time and make some new friends?

Although fun should always be at the top of the list with kids activities, many activities are a great way to instill practical life lessons in your child, in a fun atmosphere. It’s a win-win! At B&C Aquatics, we believe child swimming lessons are not only fun, but help your children excel in and out of the water.

Set Attainable Goals

Setting realistic, attainable goals is crucial to achieving success in any given area. If children create or are given goals, to strive for that are out of reach, their chances of failure greatly increase. In addition to setting realistic goals, it’s important for kids to celebrate the small victories along the way. This helps keep them motivated, focused and prevents them from getting discouraged.

Learn from Your Mistakes

No matter what sport or activity your child is participating in, they’re bound to make certain mistakes along the way. In swimming lessons, a child won’t master the various swimming techniques on their first try. For many kids, this can be frustrating; however, these trials can help develop patience and perseverance, which can be beneficial in the classroom as well as in the workforce.

Let Things Go

There will always be moments we feel are unfair or should have been handled differently, but learning how to move on from things we have no control over, teaches self-control.

At B&C Aquatics, our team of professional swim instructors use mistakes made in the pool as an opportunity to develop, mental and emotional control in the students. We want kids to see mistakes as an opportunity for improvement and to overcome adversity.