How Do You Determine a Great Swimming Lesson?

How Do You Determine a Great Swimming Lesson?

When learning a new skill, it’s probably fair to say many of us strive to find the best learning experience, so we learn as efficiently and effectively as possible but also so we can enjoy the learning process, and the same holds true with swimming!

There are numerous factors that impact the quality of a swimming lesson. Below, are three main aspects of a swimming class that are essential to top-notch swimming lessons.

Have an Engaged Swimming Instructor

At the center of a successful swimming lesson is the instructor who leads it. Instructors must properly gauge the individual’s current skill level in the pool and tailor the lesson in such a way that gives the swimmer the best opportunity for success.

Good instructors also create lesson plans that will resonate with the swimmer. For instance, with young kids, it’s important to incorporate fun games that capture their attention. This stops them from becoming bored and losing focus.

Understand Swimming Proficiency is a Marathon Not a Sprint

We live in a society that thrives on things being done quickly and we often associate slower results with poor progress or a lack of development. Becoming a strong swimmer isn’t something that happens overnight and it’s important to recognize that from the beginning. Whether you’re an adult learning to swim or a parent watching your child’s progress in the pool, it’s important to stay positive and not get discouraged when you don’t master everything right away.

The wrong mindset can lead to discouragement and prevent you from the enjoying the learning process. Tieing-in the above point, a skilled swimming instructor will help keep you motivated and setting realistic expectations for your progress.

Provide the Best Learning Environment

As unique individuals, we all process information differently and that leads to different learning styles. At B&C Aquatics, we offer both private and group swim classes, so individuals can decide what class option best fits them!