How Children Build Overall Confidence from Swimming

How Children Build Overall Confidence from Swimming

Swimming lessons provide children with many life lessons that go far beyond the pool. One of the most rewarding things a child can learn through swimming is self-confidence, not only in the water but in their daily life. By instilling concepts that are transferable to almost any other activity in a child’s life, swimming acts as the perfect building block for self-confidence. Here are the ways in which swimming can help your child gain confidence and learn important life lessons!

Practice Goal Setting

When a child enters the pool, there is always something they are looking to achieve. From learning to tread water to swimming the length of the pool, children are constantly learning how to set goals for themselves while swimming. Learning how to set goals is a valuable skill that can apply to nearly anything we are looking to achieve in our lives, and helps to build confidence as we strive to achieve them. This can go a long way for children, and the confidence they’ll gain from setting a goal and aiming to achieve it applies to so many other aspects of life.

Focus On the Little Wins

Although they may be little wins, focusing on them helps provide a huge confidence boost. When a child completes a task in the pool, no matter how small it may seem, a focus on what they just achieved helps to build confidence in their abilities. Once the little wins start to pile up, the bigger wins will come much easier, as will the confidence that comes with them. This is something that can be applied to everyday life, as little wins are quite common but often overlooked. Focusing on these instead of only the big win helps to build and maintain confidence in our children, whether that is in the pool, in sports, or in school!

A Sense of Achievement

When children accomplish a goal in swimming, it provides them with a sense of achievement that instills confidence in their abilities. This sense of achievement is something that makes them feel good and rewards them for hard work and dedication, further building their confidence. Replicating this outside of the pool will allow children to apply that same hard work that lead them to their achievement, and to the confidence that follows once they’ve achieved their goals!