How Can I Protect My Child in the Water If I Can’t Swim?

How Can I Protect My Child in the Water If I Can't Swim

Raising children to not only be strong swimmers but understand appropriate behavior around bodies of water and what safe interaction with others in the water looks like can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, swimming schools like B&C Aquatics are here to help develop your little one’s  skills and knowledge for a lifetime of safe swimming! But, when it comes to you, here is some advice on how you can keep your child safe near the pool.

Always Bring a Positive Energy

Your children look up to you for guidance and notice your attitude in different situations. Showing fear or uncertainty around the water can result in them being less interested in entering the water for themselves.

Take a Swim Class!

Not only does your enrollment in swimming lessons set a great example for your child, it also provides you with numerous benefits like:

  • Replacing negative perceptions of the water with newfound confidence;
  • Introducing you to a new way to stay in shape without the pressure that many land-based exercises place on joints;
  • Giving you another outlet to de-stress and clear your mind.

Know Water Safety Tips

Ensuring you are properly educated on water safety is a big part of keeping your child safe in the water. If your child is swimming with other children, make sure all kids have been taught correct pool behavior. For example, all children should know that swimming without parental supervision is NOT allowed. It’s also important to discuss appropriate interaction within the pool. No horseplay, such as hitting or grabbing, should be tolerated. These behaviors can lead to injury and cause kids to become submerged under water.

Another important safety precaution is guaranteeing there is always an adult stationed at the pool. If it’s just your child then it is important for you to keep an eye on him or her; however, if swimming with a group of friends one parent needs to be in charge of watching all kids in the pool.