Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

In public pools, chlorine helps eliminate bacteria from the water, keeping it safe for all swimmers. Unfortunately, constant exposure to this chemical can damage your hair without special care. Chlorine strips the natural oils from your hair, leaving it susceptible to dryness, brittleness and fading. If you dye your hair, too, chlorine can even alter its colour!

So what can you do to keep your hair healthy and strong? For one, there’s always swimming caps, but not everyone likes to wear headgear in the water. Alternatively, you can use the following tips to preserve your hair’s moisture.

Pre-Soak Your Hair

Your hair can only absorb so much water. If you rinse it before entering the pool, you’ll saturate it with fresh water first and keep the chlorine out while you swim.

Shower Immediately after Swimming

After exiting the pool, run for the showers. Rinsing will not completely wash out the chemicals; you’ll need moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Interestingly, there are shampoos out there designed to remove chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

There are myriad leave-in conditioners for nourishing hair after a shower. While moisture is important, balancing your hair’s protein levels after a swim is just as essential. Proteins aid in the restoration of split ends, tangles and weak hair follicles.