Guiding Your Child from a Nervous to Confident Swimmer

Guiding Your Child from a Nervous to Confident Swimmer

As land-based creatures, swimming forces us to get comfortable in an environment that isn’t naturally our own. Having said this, learning to swim is essential to develop the skills to stay safe in the water. Unfortunately, this means there is a certain anxiety or nervousness that can plague many young kids on their journey to becoming proficient swimmers.

At B&C Aquatics, we want every child to have the most positive experience possible and we recognize that a large part of that is having a good support system (family, friends, supportive swim teachers, etc.)  and parents equipped with the proper skills to encourage them on their journey. Below, are tips that you as a parent can use to encourage the nervous swimmer in your life.

Make it Fun

Consider enrolling your child with a good friend, a sibling or another family member. Having a familiar face in swim class, can increase your child’s confidence in the water and encourage them to stay engaged throughout the lesson.

Take a Breath


Sometimes as a parent, you just need to take a deep breath. And this same thinking proves true with swimming lessons for your kid. If your child is acting resistant to the water or acting out, do your best to stay calm and meet them where they are. Seeing you frustrated or stressed will only increase their aversion to the activity.

In difficult moments also remember that you’re not the only parent that deals with a crying, terrified little one and that it’s a totally normal situation. The most important thing is to be supportive and continue to encourage them to get back in the water.

Ask for Help

Parenting is hard work and not something you should have to do alone! As the parent, make an effort to build a support network of other parents around you that can encourage you and give you advice on how to best get your child engaged in swim lessons.