Finding the Right Swim School for You

Finding the Right Swim School for You

Swim lessons equip your child with the skills to be safe around or in any body of water. With so much at stake, don’t just entrust your child’s swim lessons to anyone. Here are the attributes of a reputable swim school!

Inviting Atmosphere

Swim schools should be welcoming and friendly and create an environment that you and your child can be comfortable in.

Qualified Staff

A swim school is only as good as its staff. Make sure to take the time to meet the individuals who will be instructing your kids in the pool beforehand. Swim staff should be friendly and personable. For many, learning how to swim is a daunting concept. Swim instructors should be able to come alongside their students to provide encouragement and show them how fun swimming can be.

Also, ask how much experience the instructor has teaching swimming lessons and what age groups they have primarily worked with. For example, has this instructor taught a group class or have they mainly done private swim lessons? Or, do they generally teach children (if so what age group) or do they teach adults?

Correct Lessons for Your Child’s Age and Swimming Level

A child’s age and swimming level play big roles in how they should be taught to swim. Prior to choosing a swim school, inquire about the approach they would take to teach your child to swim. If you’re interested in group lessons, find out how large the swim school allows their groups to get and what the student to teacher ratio is. The more students there are per teacher means each student receives less one-on-one attention from the teacher.

Cleanliness of Pool Area

The last thing you want is to introduce your child to an environment where they could potentially get sick. Ask for a quick tour of the change rooms and pool area so you can ensure they are properly upheld.

At B&C Aquatics, we take pride in the high-quality swim services we offer to the public. From recreational swim to swimming lessons for all ages, we can meet your swim needs!